Dog found tied to a lamppost in Rustington

The owner of a chocolate labrador found tied to a lamppost in Rustington is being sought.

In the early hours of Saturday, January 8, the dog was found tied to a lamppost by the Rustington BP garage in Worthing Road, by a man on his way back from work.

He then took the dog into his care before attempting to take her to an animal centre.

Hannah Evelyn Hill, 26, was walking her dog yesterday (January 11) in Eartham, near Chichester, when the man who found the dog drove past and stopped to ask her where Mount Noddy was.

This chocolate labrador was found tied to a lamppost on Saturday (January 8) in Rustington

Hannah said: “He explained the story to me so I said I would help and called Mount Noddy. They had no kennels, which is understandable as they are doing building works and improvements to the site.

“They gave us the number for Arun District Council to get in touch with the dog warden, who we called.

“The gentleman couldn’t take her back to his home because of his children so, as I lived up the road, we arranged for her to be collected by the dog warden at my house.

“She was with me for about 40 minutes. The gentleman had also brought her food and a collar and also took her to groomers as she needed a clean. He said she was very skinny when he picked her up and she ate quite a lot.”

The dog warden later arrived at Hannah’s house, informing her that the dog had a microchip but it had not been updated since the dog left the breeder.

A spokesperson for Arun District Council said the dog was currently in the council’s care and that they were making enquiries to locate the owner.

Hannah added: “The warden also said it did not look like she had any pups recently which is good. She was a lovely dog, a bit nervous and did this little nip thing which the warden believes is she because was taken too soon from her mum, it wasn’t an aggressive thing.

“I was just in the right place at the right time to help. The warden said she will stay in kennels for seven days and then will be put up for re-homing.

“He made a point that she will not be put down and I plan on ringing in seven days to check on her status.”