Chichester charity to run inclusivity event encouraging diversity and cultural awareness

Will you be heading down this Saturday?Will you be heading down this Saturday?
Will you be heading down this Saturday?
A Chichester-based charity is hosting an event designed to encourage inclusivity and diversity this Saturday (October 21).

Dubbed Infusion, the event will feature everything from a live band playing traditional African music, different foods from all over the world, and a fashion show designed to showcase clothing from a range of cultures.

Taking place from 12pm to 4pm at the Chichester City Arts Centre, and hosted by the Mayor, the “cultural extravaganza” was organised by Chichester charity UKSWA, which provides a range of services intended to help new migrants to the UK feel safe, comfortable and integrated.

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"It’s basically a spin off from a lot of what we do day to day as a charity,” said Vivian Kingshott, Ukswa’s business administrator. “It's all about diversity, inclusion and raising awareness. There are so many people living or moving into the area that feel isolated. So we just wanted to help create a safe space in which they can feel welcome and at home.”

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