Chichester charity's website launches with £2,000 donation

A Chichester homelessness charity launched its website this week as it received a £2,000 donation from the city council.
Founder Donna Ockenden at the launch of the coat rack appeal. Picture by Kate Shemilt.Founder Donna Ockenden at the launch of the coat rack appeal. Picture by Kate Shemilt.
Founder Donna Ockenden at the launch of the coat rack appeal. Picture by Kate Shemilt.

The Four Streets Project has launched its brand-new website which shares information about what the charity does, provides national homelessness news and shows the charity's wish list.

The site features a online donations page which helps to fund its activities, which include feeding homeless people in Chichester and providing them with support and clothing where needed.

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A donation from Chicheter City Council gave the 365-night-a-week operation £2,000. £1,800 of which was spent on standardised 'winter survival packs' for the homeless which included waterproof rucksacks, heavy-duty sleeping bag protectors, winter-weight sleeping bags, thermal vests, gloves, hat and socks, torch and batteries and a foil backed ground mat.

Donna Ockenden, founder of The Four Streets Project, said: "The recent generous donation from Chichester City Council has been great news on two fronts; first we have been able to supply our local homeless population with equipment they desperately needed to help them survive the winter — including winter weight sleeping bags with waterproof covers, thermal hats, gloves, scarves and underwear.

"Secondly because these products have been ‘made to last’ and are easier to pack away in the City Council provided large rucksacks — I think since January we’ve seen significantly less mess and discarded equipment belonging to our homeless people left around the city centre.

"We’re monitoring this situation carefully on a daily basis and on behalf of our homeless population we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the City Council for their support."

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The remaining £200 from the city council's donation, combined with more from St George’s Church in Whyke, the Lavant Parish Churches and the Graylingwell Residents Association, allowed Donna take 19 members of the homeless community into a shoe shop to have a pair of heavy-duty walking boots fitted.

Donna thanked the groups that donated and said: "We have been able to replace shoes and boots that were broken, leaking and often the wrong size. Our homeless population are already telling us that they are seeing a dramatic improvement in the condition of their feet — simply from having boots that fit properly and don’t let water in.

"Our thanks again for the kindness shown to some of Chichester’s most vulnerable people ."