Chichester engineer with one arm to take on tough mudder

An engineer born with one arm is undertaking a tough mudder to raise money for people with limb differences.
Nicole at her homeNicole at her home
Nicole at her home

Nicole Brennan, who works at Rolls Royce, will take on the challenge with friends and colleagues on September 22.

The group has been training every week for the past month in preparation for the challenge, which spans five kilometres and 18 obstacles.

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Nicole was born with one arm due to a condition called amniotic band syndrome and felt there were few people visible who shared her condition.

“I didn’t see anyone around similar to me so I wanted to create a community for children born like me just to increase visibility and inclusion,” she said.

To tackle this she set up ‘I Am Possible’ which aims to do just that.

This first fundraiser aims to raise money for an Isle of Wight family whose four-month-old son Jordan, was also born with one arm.

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With little support on the island, the family will have to make trips to Portsmouth eight times a year to receive the treatment Jordan needs.

It will cost them about £2,400 in travel for the first five years. As Jordan gets older he will outgrow his prosthetic limbs ‘like a child outgrows shoes’, so Nicole will be raising money to help cover the cost of those too.

The charity will also bring people with limb differences together and will enable people share skills. At the time of writing £510 of the £3,000 target has been raised.

Nicole said: “It’s amazing. We’ve been blown away by the support. We are loving it — the whole team.”

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She added: “I came across a study recently that said parents are not always given the correct information.”

Nicole said only 25 per cent of expectant parents receive third party information resulting in between 20 and 50 per cent of pregnancies being terminated.

To find out more about I Am Possible and to donate click here.