Chichester gives its verdict on anti-vaxxers

The people of Chichester have shared their opinions on an anti-vaccine demonstration that went ahead at the weekend.

Crowds gathered at the Market Cross on Saturday to hear speaking including conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn and ex-nurse Kate Shemirani.

Anti-vaccine demonstration in Chichester todayTaking to social media, readers of the Chichester Observer spoke about what they thought of the rally.

Emma Emsadude Fialho said: "I think when you've had covid hit you or loved ones personally then the opinion will change.

Pictures taken at the event on Saturday

"The vaccine for covid has been being developed for years they only had to tweak for the 19 (a spike).

"Do people seriously believe that registrars, Doctors, Biomedical scientists Paramedics, nurses all highly educated people are stupid?"

Sally Gratwick said: "Brilliant, good on all those people. Keep fighting!"

Steve Cox said: "Unfortunately these are the people who will keep the numbers on Covid cases increasing, probably also happy to take the money from the government for not going to work but being paid anyway."

Keren Foster said: "If you don't want the vaccine that is the choice you make and the gamble you take with your own life. Have it or don't have it simple."

Marc Wood said: "They are not anti-vaxxers they are pro choice... Nobody should be forced to take a medication they do not want."

Zena Smith added: "Think they should keep their opinions amongst themselves, let everyone else make their own choices for themselves and their children. I don’t tell them what to do and I don’t expect anyone to tell me what to do."

Chris Baker said: "Total nutcases. The level of behaviour is appalling - leaflets littering the street and stickers over windows and cash points."

Alex Motley said: "Pointless. Don’t want it? Don’t have it.

"A bit like me rounding up a 100 people to let Chichester know we don’t like desiccated coconut."