Chichester homeless charity reaches out to community with 'wonderful' video

A Chichester homelessness charity has reached out to its stakeholders and the community with a video statement.

Donna Ockenden of the Four Streets Project
Donna Ockenden of the Four Streets Project

Donna Ockenden, founder of the Four Streets Project, said she decided to create the video as a way of reaching out to the community during the pandemic.

Donna founded the charity in 2017 to help provide food and support to the homeless and vulnerable in Chichester s four main streets.

Now the group's volunteer numbers are up to about 30 and they have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide much-needed support during this time.

Donna Ockenden: "While we cannot meet with people face to face, support from local businesses, school and churches has been so important to the work of the Four Streets Project so we thought we would use a different way of communicating."

The video has received a 'great response', Donna added, with residents and service users expressing their gratitude for the charities work.

In part of the video, Donna said: "We are currently making plans to reopen our supper clubs once again. We know that our country and Chichester itself has be a very difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic and it will take time to recover.

"At the Four Streets Project we know that there will be an important role for us, still helping the homeless, hungry and vulnerable local people now and in the future."

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