Child digs up Pandora bracelet on Littlehampton beach - and grateful owner wants to thank him

When Connie Saunders lost her bracelet on Littlehampton beach, she thought that was it.

But what she described as a ‘one in a million’ discovery has seen her reunited with it.

The 23-year-old said: “I was really lost for words.”

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Connie, from Caterham, Surrey, her boyfriend Tayler, her brother and his girlfriend visited the beach on Sunday, August 9.

Connie Saunders was reunited with her Pandora bracelet after it was dug up on Littlehampton beach

Having set up opposite the East Beach Café, the group spent the day soaking up the sun, swimming and paddleboarding. It was only in the evening when they were packing up that Connie noticed her Pandora bracelet was not around her wrist.

She said: “I was really panicked, so we started pulling all the bags apart to try to find where it had gone.

“We had a look around the beach but the tide had come in really high so we figured it had come off in the sea.”

Connie got the bracelet last summer while in Amsterdam with a friend, and the charms represented her love of travel and her graduation in 2018.

Connie Saunders was reunited with her Pandora bracelet after it was dug up on Littlehampton beach

Her parents suggested posting on the Littlehampton Facebook groups, which gained traction, with offers to search the beach. Connie also reported the bracelet missing to Littlehampton police station, and an officer said the chances of it being handed in were very slim.

But on September 3, the call came from the station – a mother had been on the beach with her son, who had dug up the bracelet, and the police would post it to her. Despite being buried for weeks, it was in a great condition when she got it back, Connie said.

As they did not leave a name, Connie wanted to thank the pair via the paper. She said: “They are really kind and honest people, and I hope goodness and kindness come their way as well.”

She added: “Littlehampton is clearly a community where people look out for each other; it is so refreshing to see.”

Connie and Tayler have been on a lucky streak, after their missing cat Sparkle was found unharmed in the neighbour’s car engine.

She said: “I will have to buy a scratchcard!”