Christmas food reviews: Chocolate orange popcorn

From December 1-23 through the weekdays the Sussex team will be trying out what the shops have to offer for the festive period. From Christmas crisps to pizzas and soups, we can try out what’s out there.

Monday December 6: Chocolate Orange Popcorn

£1.50 (Tesco)


India Wentworth tries out chocolate orange popcorn SUS-210112-112704001

India Wentworth – This was good. If you like chocolate orange it definitely has that flavour and wasn’t too strong in terms of toffee. Wouldn’t say it’s massively festive, but still a nice snack. (7/10)

Jacob Panons – It is nice and a fun Christmassy snack, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to get another bag. If you love chocolate orange then you will love these. (7/10)