Christmas food reviews: Mince pie crisps

From December 1-23 through the weekdays the Sussex team will be trying out what the shops have to offer for the festive period. From Christmas crisps to pizzas and soups, we can try out what’s out there.

Wednesday December 1: Walker’s Mince Pie and Roast Potato flavoured crisps

£1 for six bags (Tesco)


India and Jacob try the festive crisp flavours SUS-210112-115332001

India Wentworth – I don’t like mince pies anyway so these weren’t for me at all. You’ve got the flavour of the spices and the sweetness of the pie filling, but that’s not a flavour I like. I did really like the roast potato flavour though as it had a hint of rosemary and garlic.

Mince pie = 3/10

Roast potato = 8/10

Jacob Panons – The mince pie crisps were surprisingly better than I thought they would be. They didn’t taste too much like mince pies, but they were sweet. The roast potato flavour was definitely better but it did kind of taste like a fancy cheese and onion.

Mince pie = 5/10

Roast potato = 7/10