'Clothing optional' at new festival to be held near Horsham

A man who brought naked dining to Horsham earlier this year has now set his sights on a new nude venture.

He is organising a ‘Garden of Wellness Festival’ for women … and clothing is described as ‘optional.’

The three-day event is being organised by Billingshurst businessman Adam Ford and will be held at Max’s Garden in Washington in August.

It includes yoga sessions, meditation workshops and ‘sound bath’ demonstrations – either clothed or in The Altogether.

Adam Ford

Forty-one-year-old Adam is the brainchild behind the company Nothingonevents which brought naked dining to Horsham in April at a no-clothes-required event at Pretty Things in Park Place.

He says the Garden of Wellness Festival is for “all women, non-naturist and naturist alike.

"Regardless of age, occupation or background, wellness is an important aspect of life that we shouldn’t neglect.”

And he adds that while the event is being held at Max’s Garden – a recognised naturist venue – the dress code is clothing-optional to ensure people are able to “be yourselves and at your most comfortable at all times.

"You are free to remain dressed the whole weekend or you can use the opportunity to explore social nudity in part or in full.”

He says that male guests are welcome but only as guests of females.

“We will not be allowing solo males to book tickets as this is predominantly an event for women.

"Most of the activities will be for women only but there will be times where men will be allowed to use the spa facilities for example, either during other activities or some mixed-sessions over the weekend.”

The event costs from £40 – £100 and is being held from August 19-21 in association with Max’s Garden, Naked Travels and British Naturism’s Women in Naturism Co-Ordinator.

Adam himself is a committed naturist who says he has “always been comfortable being without clothes and I have been a member of British Naturism for seven years.

“When I am home, you’ll typically find me in a state of undress.

"I find it more comfortable, cheaper as clothes last longer and don’t require washing as often and removes the decisions around what to wear and any disappointment when things don’t fit as they should.”