Cold weather leads to Arun activating its protocol to open up beds to the homeless

The drop in temperature has led to Arun District Council activating its Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP).

The protocol has been activated for Wednesday, January 5, and Thursday, January 7, 2022 ,due to the predicted drop in temperature from the Met Office.

This means anyone who is rough sleeping will have access to a bed for the period of SWEP should they wish to access one.

To access SWEP, clients need to attend Stonepillow’s hub at Glenlogie in Bognor Regis at 6pm on the night they wish to be offered a bed.

Severe weather protocol in Arun as temperature drops

Arun’s partner agencies and outreach teams have been out to or attempted to notify all rough sleepers known to us to ensure they are aware of this offer.

Clients based in Littlehampton who may struggle to get to Bognor Regis, should attend the Turning Tides hub by 11am each morning, or contact the Housing Options Team after 11am for help to get to Bognor Regis for the evening.

If you see a rough sleeper please report this to our outreach team by submitting a SteetLink referral– all referrals will be followed up by our the team who can then offer the appropriate support.