Cost of living crisis: your top money-saving tips

With the cost of living crisis biting, people are looking at how they can save money.

We asked some of our Facebook followers for their top tips for saving when shopping for food, and here’s what they said.

Paul O’Donnell offered three pieces of advice. “Treat meat as a luxury and limit it to one or two meals per week,” he said. “Shop at a cheaper supermarket. Waitrose can be 30 per cent more expensive than Aldi or Lidl. Order online as it will stop you impulse buying – and you can even add to your basket during the week.”

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Rebecca Kersey said: “Buy in bulk as it is cheaper and you can make a larger quantity and freeze or refrigerate for another meal.

Some of our Facebook followers gave their top tips to save money during the food shop. (Photo by Daniel LEAL / AFP) (Photo by DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images)

“This also means you have a cooked meal handy so you don’t have to resort to a takeaway if you are too tired to cook.

“Also, use cheaper ingredients that are packed with flavour. Salami is cheap, you can add a few slices of that to pasta and chopped tomato sauce.”

Many people also said to eat before you shop to avoid impulse buying, to plan your meals for the week and take a shopping list along with you.

Lisa Sim said: “Meal plan, write a list and only buy what is on that list. I spend half the amount when I am organised.

“Also if you can, bulk buy the offers if they are something you always use. Use vouchers, club cards, et cetera, to get money back.”

Liz Hickman also recommended planning meals for the week. She said: “Plan a menu for the week, make a shopping list and stick to it, buy own brands where possible, check the bottom shelf for cheaper, non-premium brands and cook your own meals from basic ingredients.”

Agreeing with Liz, Simon Allchin added: “Less food waste and no ‘cupboard full of food but nothing to eat’ moments.

“It’s always good to have a couple of quick store-cupboard alternatives in stock for the nights when you just don’t fancy cooking or when plans change last minute, but generally this way of shopping has stood me well for years.”

Batch cooking was one of the most popular pieces of advice. Paul Kelly said: “Batch cook, divide and freeze if you can, look for good offers, close to date things like chicken can be cooked, stripped off the bone and used for things like salads, sandwiches, curry, pasta, things like that. This will save you money, imagination and experimenting.

“Cheap mince cooks up a bolognese sauce for two or three days, second day add mushrooms when heating up for a change in taste and texture and on the third day you can add some chilli powder and kidney beans to make a chilli con carne.”

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