Could you give this adorable dog, Little Bailey, a loving home in Sussex?

Meet Little Bailey — an energetic trailhound with a zest-for-life and a special place in her heart for her humans.

With a love for any activity that will keep her brain stimulated and body moving, Bailey’s favourite pastimes include exploring on long adventures, playing interactive games, learning new skills and engaging with food-based enrichment. 

Her perfect match would be with a family who share her enthusiasm for the outdoors, and who are keen to provide her with a fun-filled life, while supporting her with her training. 

Having endured much recent change, Bailey finds it a challenge when left alone.

Little Bailey is looking for a home

Consequently, she is looking for a home with multiple residents so that there is always someone around at home to keep her company. All members of her family will need to be over the age of 12.

Bailey is currently lacking in social skills with other canines and tends to be a little too excitable in their presence. However, she could potentially live with another well-suited dog, as well as a cat. 

A family that has plenty of patience, a keen interest in reward-based training, and who are ready to share their world with their canine companion would be a perfect match for this sweet girl. 

If you think you could Change the Tale for Little Bailey, visit for more information.

Little Bailey at Dog's Trust Shoreham