Council: Bognor's Place St Maur is 'nearly there'

The Place St Maur project in Bognor Regis is ‘nearly there’, a spokesperson from Arun District Council has said.

The £1.2 million project, which will ideally serve as a gateway between the seafront and the town centre, was supposed to be finished by March, but delays mean work is ongoing.

In a recently released statement, Arun District Council attributed those delays to ‘global supply chain issues, as well as having to wait for a date for the electricity meter installation.’

"We are genuinely sorry it couldn’t be finished in time for the start of the summer holidays, as we so hoped it would, “ a spokesperson said.

Place St Maur project. Photo from June.

“But the contractor is tidying up and getting the final parts of the site ready to hand over to us so that the fencing can come down and you can all use this fabulous space."

Next in line to be finished are the project’s much anticipated water fountains. The council have acknowledged the ‘frustration’ of some residents that the fountains are not yet operational, especially in the light of the recent heatwave, but insist progress is being made.

A spokesperson said “(the fountains) will be commissioned in August ready to cool everyone off for the rest of the Summer. All the work underground is complete, so we’re nearly there.”

Another complaint, the black tarmac used on the site, is only temporary, according to the council. The spokesperson explained that ‘it has only been laid so that we can open the site – it will be replaced by a coloured surface to match the other features on the site as soon as we have the materials."

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