‘Deliberate’ fire started in Eastbourne skate park

A ‘deliberate’ fire was started at a skate park in Eastbourne.

Police said the incident happened on Friday, October 15 in Shinewater Park as officers patrolled the area as part of Operation Blitz.

Operation Blitz runs every Friday and Saturday evening as officers target anti-social behaviour and underage drinking.

A Sussex Police spokesperson said, “During the evening patrols we were given the Shinewater area, and in particular the areas around Shinewater Park, the Turing Academy and Milfoil Drive - this was following some significant anti-social behaviour directed toward vehicles, buses and other local people.

The debris following the fire in the Shinewater Park skate park. Picture from Sussex Police SUS-211018-133821001

“As the officers arrived a small fire was found in the skate park area, which was clearly started by someone deliberately.

“This was a danger and this may mean that the skate park will need to be closed in order for any damage to be checked and ensuring the location is safe for people to use.

“This mindless damage affected the community as a whole and if anyone has any knowledge of who may be behind this act of vandalism, please contact us.”

Police said a ‘small amount’ of damage was found in the skate park with trolleys being used by some people as a skateboard.

Officers explained that the trolleys were removed from the area for safety reasons and handed back to the supermarket they came from.

The spokesperson said, “Remember to call 07785 372050 each Friday and Saturday between 5.30pm-10.30pm to report anti-social behaviour (ASB) directly to officers out in the town centre, local parks and your seafront.

“Outside of these times, please continue to report ASB online or to 101 - in an emergency/crime in action always call 999.”