Disabled dog Arlo’s life-changing trip from Romania to Bognor Regis

A Bognor Regis woman has started a fundraiser to get her severely disabled foster dog back on four paws.

“As soon as I saw Arlo’s picture, it was love at first sight. I just thought ‘oh my goodness, he’s lovely’.

“So I decided to call him Arlo, because it means ‘Little Soldier’.”

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Those were the words of Christina England, a 63-year-old from Middleton-on-Sea who is fundraising for corrective surgery which will allow her seriously disabled dog to walk.

Arlo, a two-year-old Chihuahua-Papillon crossbreed, was born with two seriously deformed front legs, which means he has to run, jump, walk and play on his elbows. When he was rescued from the streets of Romania and Miss England first fostered him, he was weak, skinny and malnourished.

Now, thanks to her care, Arlo is not only happier and healthier, but the weaker of his front legs has healed after a round of surgery and physical therapy.

Even so, Miss England is determined to keep going. She is now trying to raise £7,000 for a second surgery, which will repair Arlo’s other leg and, with time, enable him to ‘run and play like a normal dog.’

“He’s a lovely little dog, he really deserves everything I’m trying to do for him,” she explained.

“As soon as I saw him, my heart went out to him because I just knew I could help him.

“His little legs were all twisted and sore and scabby underneath because he was literally walking on his elbows but it didn’t stop him.

“He was always running around, trying to have a normal life.”

To find out more about the fundraiser, follow Arlo’s New Beginning on Facebook.