‘Disrespectful’ Petworth cemetery plans met with objection

Plans for a new public toilets in Petworth have been met with an objection by a local resident.

Hampers Green Cemetery, Balls Cross Road, Balls Cross, Petworth. Pic S Robards SR2205112 SUS-221105-153521001

The proposal would see the addition of a portaloo and a new pathway be built for Hampers Green Cemetery in Petworth.

Sean Guy from Petworth has raised his objections to the plan submitted to the South Downs National Authority.

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The cemetery holds special meaning to Sean as the grounds are where his daughter had been buried.

Sean said: “We lost our little girl about nine years ago now and its still very raw to us and we spend a lot of time up at the grave and its not an unvisited grave, there are quite a few people near you with people coming to the cemetery quite often.

“It’s a place where you can go and reflect with loved ones and the thought of public toilets being there as stated in the application that it is in and is open to the play park to use.

“I just feel that you open it up to people to come running over and using the playpark and then using those toilets.

“It’s going to be bringing in noise, commotion and disruption to the cemetery.

“Not only that but it’s a safety thing as there would be a lot of kids crossing over from the play park across the road into the cemetery to use the toilets.

“I just can’t see why they would put a toilet in a cemetery whereas if you put it in the playpark you have one per cent of cemetery users going to the toilet when you will probably will have more like 50 per cent of people using the playpark using the toilet so why not put in the playpark?

“I’ve seen on Facebook that there has been some strongly worded objections and currently there are five written objections on the planning portal so I believe that there is a quite strong sentiment across local residents that is a disrespectful idea.”

Petworth Town Council has been approached for a comment.