Do you have what it takes to become a paid RNLI lifeguard in summer 2021? Here is the link you need to find out and apply

The RNLI is on the hunt for your lifeguards to help keep our Sussex beaches safe this summer.

RNLI lifeguards St Leonards beach july 2020 SUS-210226-183702001
RNLI lifeguards St Leonards beach july 2020 SUS-210226-183702001

Young people who like the sound of the role will need certain attributes.

Hugh Richardson, one of the RNLI’s lead lifeguard supervisor in Sussex, explains what you need to get the job.

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What does it take to be a good lifeguard?

“RNLI Lifeguards come from all walks of life, but what unites them is a commitment to keeping the public safe, an understanding of the coastal environment and a dedication to saving lives at sea.

“They need to be confident about speaking to the public and getting across important safety advice in a friendly, but informative way.

“We’re looking for people with courage, determination and the ability to put their training into action and make the right decision if someone’s life is in danger. It is an incredibly rewarding role.”

What would be expected?

“It’s ideal if lifeguards have a National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification or equivalent and are prepared to undertake an extensive training programme with the RNLI to build on their skills.

“We are also happy to receive applications from those without the qualification, but who are interested in joining the team this year, and who are dedicated and willing to undertake it with us. .”

How fit do you need to be to become an RNLI beach lifeguard?

“RNLI lifeguards need to meet certain fitness criteria to ensure they are physically up to the job, and usually must be able to complete:

Ahealth assessment (including an eyesight test). This applies even if you’ve worked as an RNLI lifeguard before.

A 400m pool swim in under seven-and-a-half minutes, the first 200m of which must be completed in under three-and-a-half minutes.

A 25m pool swim underwater and a 25m surface swim consecutively in under 50 seconds.

A 200m beach run in under 40 seconds.

Additionally, as well as meeting the above fitness criteria you need to be available for the whole season which you are applying for; and you must be of school leaving age.

How much will lifeguards earn?

“You’ll earn a salary as an RNLI lifeguard which, depending on your role, can range from £9.30 – £11.40* per hour.”

What does a typical day look like?

“You’ll be proactive throughout the day to help prevent incidents from happening in the first place, advising members of the public about potential hazards and how to help themselves stay safe.”

How do you apply to become a beach lifeguard this summer?

click here to apply now.