Does Sussex back Boris Johnson's plan to lift lockdown? Readers have their say in snap poll

Sussex has had its say on Boris Johnson's plan to take the United Kingdom out of the current coronavirus lockdown in a snap poll.
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The poll was posted on the Facebook pages of the Chichester Observer, West Sussex County Times, Worthing Herald, Eastbourne Herald and Hastings Observer after the Prime Minister's speech at 7pm today (May 10).

It has had more than 3,200 votes at the time of writing.

Results of the poll

A stock image of Boris JohnsonA stock image of Boris Johnson
A stock image of Boris Johnson

Readers were asked whether they agreed with Boris' plan, or if they thought it could be better. Here are the results.

Chichester Observer: 39% agree, 61% could be better

Worthing Herald: 40% agree, 60% could be better

Hastings Observer: 36% agree, 64% could be better

West Sussex County Times: 45% agree, 55% could be better

Eastbourne Herald: 34% agree, 66% could be better

Key points from the speech

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As of now, people can go out for exercise, play sports and sit outdoors as much as they wanted, while observing social distancing rules. People unable to work from home could return to the workplace, but avoiding public transport if possible.

By June 1 at the earliest, some primary school pupils could return to school, and a phased reopening of shops would begin, mirroring the social distancing model being used in supermarkets.

By July at the earliest, some parts of the hospitality industry - such as cinemas, pubs and restaurants - could begin to reopen.

Fines for breaking the lockdown rules would be increased, and all people travelling to the UK from abroad by air would now be subject to a mandatory quarantine.

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The timescale of this plan was conditional on five key tests being met - including how fast the virus was spreading in the population - which formed part of a new Covid-19 alert system.

Further details will be provided in a document published online and in Parliament tomorrow (May 11).

What did readers say?

Sharon Clark, Eastbourne Herald: "Until I'm allowed, safe and all well to see my family and friends in their homes I'm remaining in lockdown. If it's not safe here it's certainly not safe out there! Just my opinion."

Fiona Tamsin Cruisey, Eastbourne Herald: "Why does the Government do this? They give vague details and then the whole country runs round like chickens with their heads cut off! No absolutely clear instructions and leaves a lot of questions."

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Jack Brownson, West Sussex County Times: "I don’t care about schools or cinema.. when can I see my girlfriend? When can I see my Nan and grandad or my father of a different household? That speech was useless. What’s better for mental health? Knowing when to see your family? Or knowing you can extend your run as you're allowed unlimited exercise!"

Helen Smith, West Sussex County Times: "After seeing countries like Germany, Spain and China easing their lockdowns they have seen a marked rise in people contracting Covid-19. I personally think we should remain in Lockdowns."

Paul Minter, Hastings Observer: "All I’m seeing is confusion in response to the speech. We can all understand the words, it is the thrust of the message that is less clear."

Kayleigh Rose, Hastings Observer: "What will be put in place to help parents who are now expected to return to work with no childcare?"

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Ted Page, Worthing Herald: "Let's all wait until tomorrow before making judgements"

Trudi Harrison, Chichester Observer: "The plan is downright dangerous. Herd immunity never left the table! Good luck to all the seaside towns."

Samantha Van Der Hut, Chichester Observer: "Just means all the Londoners will come down to the Witterings for their unlimited exercise!"

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