Dog of the Week '“ Missy

One-year-old Missy is great fun to be around and will keep you thoroughly entertained, say staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Missy is searching for a perfect match
Missy is searching for a perfect match

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager, said: “An endearing girl with a cheeky character, Missy loves spending time with people and will put her paws up on your lap to shower you in slobbery kisses once she knows you well.

“Despite her spirited enthusiasm, this one-year-old girlie does have a sensitive side. She’s hopeful to find a special someone who will give her time she needs to build in confidence.”

This boxer crossbreed is very fond of company, so a house with lots of people would be ideal. A home with a garden would suit best, and could be shared with older teenagers.

Tracey added: “A playful pooch amongst her canine companions, Missy adores bouncing around with other dogs and could potentially live with one who has a similar nature to her own.

“However, she can be overly-excitable at times so will need her new owners to help her practice socialising with other, well-mannered dogs so that she builds up diverse communication skills.”

Visit Dogs Trust Shoreham at Brighton Road, Shoreham or phone 01273 452576 for more information.