Dogs Trust Dog of the Week: Meet Lilka – a lurcher with a lot of love to give and a little more to learn

Fun-loving Lilka is looking for an adopter who can build up her confidence and challenge her to a game or two of tug of war.

Despite her age, the nine-year-old lurcher has bundles of energy and lights up at the sight of her toys, turning puppy-like and playful when a game of fetch or tug is on offer.

Her other big love in life is food, and she is always keen to show off all her many tricks in return of tasty treats.

While Lilka is as bright as a button, she is also in need of some extra guidance from her future family, owing to her sensitive nature and general lack in confidence.

Dogs Trust's 'Dog of the Week' Lilka is looking for understanding adopters who can help build her confidence and enjoy getting involved with reward-based training.

Adopters who are willing to get to know her at her own pace, and who are enthusiastic to continue her reward-based training, would be a perfect match.

Lilka loves the outdoors but requires walks in less-frequented areas where she can avoid bumping into other dogs.

After she is fully settled into her new routine, Lilka may benefit from gradually building up her social skills with another calm-natured canine.

Lilka needs to be the only pet at home and, due to her high-prey drive, will need to wear her muzzle when she is out and about.

The youngest members of her family should be over the age of 16 and it is essential that she has a garden of her own with at least 6ft fencing, as her carers at Dogs Trust say she has a talent for the high jump.

Lilka will make for a very loyal and affectionate companion for patient and understanding humans.

If you think you could Change the Tale for Lilka, visit for more information.

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