Dogs Trust Dog of the Week: Meet Toby – a charismatic Japanese spitz cross who is full of fun and spirit

'Super intelligent' Toby is hoping to build a strong bond with his adopter.

The Japanese spitz cross Jack Russell is an active boy who enjoys keeping busy and learning new things.

His favourite pastimes include playing with squeaky toys, settling down with enrichment and, most of all, food!

Dogs Trust Shoreham say it may take Toby a while to form a friendship with his adopters, but once you have earned his trust, he will make for a wonderfully loyal and interactive companion.

Toby is looking for a home

While this loveable six-year-old is lots of fun to be around, he isn’t a fan of fuss and cuddles and would much rather engage with his humans over a game of fetch or participating in his training.

Toby is 'quite possibly one of the smartest dogs at Dogs Trust Shoreham'. He knows a variety of tricks and has learnt skills that will aid him in his life at home.

He is seeking a family who are keen to find themselves a ‘project dog’, who they can support with continued, reward-based training and enjoy watching as he makes progress.

Consistency is vital for helping Toby feel at ease, so he must live in a home with a maximum of two adults, without any visiting children, so that he can form a solid bond and thrive in a predictable environment.

Toby is looking for a home

Toby will need to be the only dog at home and can often find it overwhelming if other dogs try to interact with him, so will require walks where there won't be the worry of lots of other canines bounding around off-lead.

He travels well in the car and is always excited for the next adventure, so this is a great benefit if his new family wish to take him exploring in rural locations.

If you think you could Change the Tale for Toby, visit for more information.