Dogs Trust Shoreham dog of the week: Meet Luna, a lively one-year-old with a sensitive side

Luna is a young female cane corso cross, full of excitable energy, but with a sensitive side, too.

This lively one-year-old is always keen to play with toys and is just as enthusiastic when it comes to learning new things or exploring on an adventure.

Staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham say many people may believe Luna is full of confidence, as that is how she appears on the surface. However, beneath her exuberance, they have found a sensitive dog with little experience of the world around her.

The ideal home would be somewhere quiet and peaceful, with a garden and a relaxing lifestyle with a steady routine and some consistency.

Luna is a young female cane corso Staffordshire cross, full of excitable energy, but has a sensitive side, too

Active adopters who enjoy going for their walks in the quieter countryside would be perfect, so Luna can avoid bumping into lots of unknown people and dogs. Luna can be worried around strangers, so needs a family willing to get know her and build a bond over several meetings.

This clever crossbreed is currently learning loose-lead walking, focus work and a ‘settle’ but has not yet quite mastered these skills. Luna will need patient owners who are keen to get on board with her ongoing training.

Luna will need to be the only pet an adult-only household, without any visiting children or too many visitors in general.

The rehoming centre in Brighton Road is currently closed but people can still apply for dogs and the charity can start the adoption process. Visit for more information.