Dogs Trust Shoreham Dog of the Week: Meet Pixie – a cheeky terrier cross with a lot of love to give

Meet Pixie – a friendly three-year-old terrier cross with an independent streak.

Staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham say Pixie is as dainty, cheeky and mischievous as her namesake.

Despite this, she holds a big space in her heart for her favourite humans – once you’ve taken the time to build a friendship, she’ll relish every second in your company and will not hesitate to hop up onto your lap for a cuddle.

Pixie's much-loved pastimes include playing her favourite game of ‘fetch and swap’, investigating the outdoors and perching on surfaces to survey the world from a higher view-point.

Pixie enjoys exploring the outdoors, but equally loves a cuddle with her favourite humans

She is seeking active adopters who could support her with additional training and take her exploring in quieter areas, where she can avoid bumping into lots of other dogs.

The youngest members of her family should be aged at least 14 and she’d love for at least one member of the household to be around at home to keep her company. With all the anticipated traits of her breed, Pixie has a tendency to chase other animals and will need to be the only pet at home.

Ideally, Pixie is looking for a single-story home as she can run upstairs but cannot get back down unaided. Multi-story homes can be considered if her owners are happy to aid her.

If you think you could Change the Tale for Pixie, visit for more information.