Eastbourne actor finds ‘tooth’ in Greggs sausage roll

An Eastbourne actor and writer said she found a tooth inside a Greggs sausage roll that she was eating.

Liz Morgan, who lives on the seafront, said she discovered the ‘tooth’ inside her sausage roll while at the branch in The Beacon.

The former voice actor said, “I was chewing something hard and I took it out of my mouth and saw it was a tooth. I could not believe it.”

Ms Morgan, who was a voice on Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons back in the 60s, said she immediately told a member of staff about what she had found in her sausage roll.

Eastbourne resident Liz Morgan with the 'tooth'

The writer said she was told by a staff member to contact Greggs’ customer service department online.

After emailing the national bakery chain’s customer service department Ms Morgan said she was offered £15.

The Eastbourne resident added, “It’s disgraceful really. How dare they offer me £15.”

Ms Morgan said she used to go to the Greggs, which is known for its sausage rolls, in The Beacon quite regularly before the incident.

The 'tooth' Eastbourne resident Liz Morgan said she found in her sausage roll

The former actor, who has written historical and geographical books in the past, insists the ‘tooth’ is not one of her own.

She said, “Just by chance I happened to find a tooth in my sausage roll.

“We are in the back-end of covid. If this happened a couple of months earlier it could have been very, very bad.

“I still don’t know if it is a pig or human tooth.

Eastbourne resident Liz Morgan with the 'tooth'

“I could not believe it.”

Ms Morgan described Greggs as a ‘beautiful’ place to get coffee, but explained that she has not been back to the bakery chain since the incident earlier in the year.

She added, “It’s quite shameful.”

A spokesperson from Greggs, which has more than 2,000 bakeries in the UK, said, “We take all matters of food safety and hygiene seriously and were in regular dialogue with the customer, keeping them updated whilst our investigations were underway."