Eastbourne residents raise issues around seafront lighting

Lighting along the seafront is set to be improved amid concerns from residents of poor visibility along a popular section of the promenade.

A spokesperson for Eastbourne Borough Council said it is working on the lighting along the seafront.

It said, “Our world-famous seafront is a top priority and we hope to have the promenade fully illuminated again as soon as possible.”

This comes as several people have pointed out that from the pier to the bandstand, the promenade lights are failing to come on when it gets dark.

Eastbourne seafront: SUS-201011-132403001

Residents say that although it is now dark by 5pm, more people are out and about due to lockdown so the unlit section gets busy. They say the lack of light could risk people crashing into one another and fail to maintain social distancing due to visibility being poor.

The council spokesperson said, “Work to redesign the ageing infrastructure that supports the seafront lighting is well advanced. When this redesign is complete the project will be subject to a competitive tender.

“Managing structures, many from the Victorian era, is challenging under any circumstances, but when they are exposed to the brunt of seasonal seafront weather conditions, the challenge is that much greater.”