Ferring family’s surprise at finding 11 double-yolked eggs

A family of four were left ‘shell’ shocked when they found 11 double-yolked eggs while making their weekly fry-up.

Martin Down, 52, from Ferring, was cooking his family brunch when he reached for the box of eggs and cracked three double-yolkers in a row.

The next day, Martin’s youngest daughter, Elosie, found two more when she cooked herself breakfast, and found another four when she attempted to make a lemon drizzle cake the day after, with his eldest daughter, Liliana, then finding another two.

Martin said: “When I cracked the first one, I was really surprised because I’ve never seen one before.

Martin, his partner Rachel, and his daughters, Eloise and Liliana found 11 double-yolkers in a box of 12 eggs

“I’ve been cooking eggs for many years. Every Sunday, we have a fry-up and I tend to do it, so I’ve been through hundreds of thousands of eggs and I’ve never ever had a double-yolked egg,

“I was thinking ‘who’s going to have this one?’ because everyone would be fighting over it, and then I cracked another two so everyone was amazed, and then they just kept coming.”

Martin said the double yolked eggs tasted nice but were no good for making cakes. He said: “They made the cake heavy and wrecked it.

“My daughter is doing a food tech GCSE and she loves her baking. She prides herself on how good she is, she’s never made something that’s failed before, so she wasn’t too happy with that.”

Martin Down from Ferring cracked three double yolked eggs whilst cooking his family breakfast. His daughters later found the remaining eight double yolked eggs

By the end of the egg-cracking, Martin and his family were almost ‘eggpecting’ it. He said: “I wish we had gone to a betting office and said ‘look, I’ve got these two eggs, I bet you anything they are both double yolked eggs’.”

Martin said he had bought more eggs since the strange event, but they had all been single-yolked.