Electric vehicle parade kick-starts Steyning Festival

Arundel and South Downs MP Andrew Griffith joined electric vehicle owners in Steyning last Saturday (May 28) to start the electric vehicles and e-bike parade through the High Street.

The event was part of a special Greening Steyning day which kick-started the month-long Steyning Festival.

Mr Griffith was joined by West Sussex County Councillor, Paul Linehan, to cut the tape. The parade vehicles departed with honking horns, waving flags and showing how the ‘Go Electric’ revolution has arrived.

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The proud owners stayed on to show off their bikes and cars to onlookers who were interested in making the switch.

The festival continued with a children’s parade, music and stalls. The MP also met with the Home Energy Helpdesk representatives – one of the many Greening Steyning initiatives – who were providing advice to residents on how to reduce energy consumption in the home.

Organiser Geoff Barnard said: “It was a truly joyful and memorable day. The take home message was one of hope, and how if we all get involved we can make a real difference in protecting the planet, and our piece of it in particular.”

Mr Griffith said: “My thanks to Greening Steyning for organising such a well-thought out event. It was wonderful to see local people really enjoying the day and learning more about the active role they can all take in making sustainable lifestyle choices.”