Fears about overcrowding and ‘excessive’ house-building in Mid Sussex: Middy readers predict the big issues for 2022

The Mid Sussex Times asked its readers on Facebook: What do you think the big issues will be for Mid Sussex in 2022?

So far people have responded with a variety of concerns, with many expressing fears about overcrowding in the district and its towns.

Reader Lorna Hay predicted ‘increased intolerance of others due to over-crowded roads, over-crowded trains and s general drop in quality of life due to less space’.

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Lorna was also concerned about increased pressure on doctor surgeries and schools because of the number of new houses, as well as a ‘mass exodus’ from London.

We asked Middy readers: What do you think the big issues will be for Mid Sussex in 2022? Picture: Steve Robards, SR2104123.

Dean Maisey thought that planning controls would be a big issue for Mid Sussex this year, as well as ‘excessive building’.

“The Northern Arc will almost join Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill together in a constant flow of housing,” he said.

He was also concerned there would be ‘no equivalent increase in schools, medical services, shops, leisure facilities etc’ and predicted a lack of public charging points for electric vehicles.

Dean also said roads might deteriorate because of more cars with heavy batteries using them.

Helen Carr expressed concern about ‘collapsing infrastructure’, which includes hospitals, schools and primary care services, because of a larger population caused by ‘excessive house building’.

She said she was also worried about whether sewage, power and transport networks would cope.

Danny Willis thought parking would be a major issue for 2022, as well as underfunded schools and an underfunded NHS.

John Hebditch said he was concerned New River might not start the regeneration of the Martletts in Burgess Hill, while Gail Bristow predicted that traffic, congestion, pollution and bad road surfaces would all be issues in 2022.