Film by Jennifer Byrne from Newhaven will raise awareness of road safety

A young woman from Newhaven whose fiancé was killed in a motorbike accident has made a film warning bikers to be more aware of road safety.

Jennifer Byrne, 20, lost her fiancé Laurence Bickham to a motorcycle accident when they collided with a bus shortly after pulling away from a busy road junction in Brighton.

Laurence died at the scene and Jenny sustained terrible injuries.

In fact she was lucky to be alive after shattering her sternum, pelvis, skull and legs.

Now she has taken the brave step of using her own experience to raise awareness of road safety.

“Laurence had all these ideas about how to make roads safer,” she said. “He was passionate about ensuring deaths on the road were reduced.

“After the accident, I did not want to let his memory or ideas go, and that is why I am keeping him alive today through this.”

Jenny’s campaign film targets young people who are about to start using the road, detailing to them the dangers of the road and how care is key.

“Young drivers especially have this feeling that they are invincible on the road, but they are not. I just want to encourage people to be safe to stop tragic events like this,” she said.

Jenny’s campaign was featured on the first of a new series of Fixers on ITV’s Meridian Tonight on Thursday October 4.

Jenny is hoping her film will go nationwide, also making a difference to the DVLA and in how motorcycle awareness in driving is taught, as well as a difference to motorcycle lessons .