Fire crews spend another night at Newhaven waste blaze site


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have spent the night reducing the size of the pile of waste affected by fire in Newhaven.

This morning (Tuesday December 9) crews remain on site at North Quay Road.

Chief Fire Officer Des Prichard said: “We been working on site with staff from the business, drawing the waste out, damping it down and ensuring it is moved from the fire. We can’t just put water on the pile as it will not get through to the seat of the fire. There is also a great deal of water on the site, which we need to deal with carefully so as to minimise any possible damage to the environment.”

Around 200 tonnes of compacted waste was affected by the fire, which broke out on Friday morning (December 5).

A spokesman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We would like to thank the British Red Cross who have been providing support for the crews at the scene.”

The fire service reduced the number of fire engines at the scene of the Newhaven fire from four to three last night (Monday December 8).

Firefighters reached the seat of the fire yesterday and crews said they continue to make good progress in extinguishing any remaining flames.

The spokesman added: “We would like to again thank the public and local businesses for their patience while we bring this incident to a close.

“Staff from the site operators have been assisting the fire and rescue service with the operation.

“A number of other organisations are also involved including the Environment Agency, which is working to help minimise the impact on local water courses.

“A fire investigation is underway.”