Fitness instructor at The Joff shares her reaction to the royal visit

The Joff SUS-180110-103124001
The Joff SUS-180110-103124001

A fitness instructor at The Joff has told of her excitement ahead of the Duke and Duchess’ visit to the Peacehaven youth club this week.

Alexandria Murphy, owner of Zumba Fitness Peacehaven has been teaching at The Joff for five years.

Ms Murphy, who has lived in Peacehaven all her life, said: “I think its amazing, absolutely brilliant for the youth workers and for the young people of our small town.

“It’s especially good for young people to see something exciting and good happening in our community.

“I spoke to the head of the Youth Centre yesterday, and she was quite overwhelmed, and hadn’t been allowed to say anything about the royal visit to anyone until now.”

When the mother of one arrived at work yesterday a deep clean and last minute preparations were happening at the Joff, making it ‘sparkle’ ahead of the visit.

Ms Murphy said she will be waving her Union Jack together with her one-year-old son on Wednesday (October 3) ready to greet the royal newlyweds and welcome them to the small coastal town.

The youth centre, which is run by East Sussex County Council, has been refurbished over the past few months.

The Joff has a large sports hall downstairs, with a dance studio upstairs used by Harlequins Dance School, which has been run by Janet Still for the past 46 years.