Former Hastings police officer sacked from the force took his own life

A former Hastings Police officer who was sacked from the force took his own life, an inquest heard.

The body of 43-year-old Daniel Moss was found at his home in Jameson Road, Bexhill, on January 18.

An inquest into his death, held in Hastings on Tuesday (June 3), heard Mr Moss had been dismissed from Sussex Police in 2016.

In a statement read to the court, his fiancée Tracey Moss said he did not want to leave the force in the manner he did but he eventually ‘got over it’ and started a new business alongside her.

Sussex Police

She said they were both ‘living happily’ and intended to get married in 2019 but added that since December 20, 2018, his health had changed and he had been getting more stressed.

On the day of Mr Moss’ death, Tracey said she had been on the phone to her ex husband while at home in Bexhill when she saw Mr Moss walk out of the kitchen and down to the cellar.

She said she heard noises but assumed it was Mr Moss using gaffer tape to seal boxes of Christmas decorations.

According to Tracey, there was no noise from the cellar for about seven or eight minutes before there was more noise.

After completing her call, Tracey entered the cellar where she found her fiancé face down on top of bags and boxes. She called out to Mr Moss but got no response before phoning an ambulance which she said arrived within three or four minutes.

Despite efforts from the crew, Mr Moss was pronounced dead at the scene.

In her statement, Tracey added: “I don’t think Dan would have intended to kill himself. He had a tattoo done just days before which cost him £400 and he would have seen that as a waste of money.

“I don’t think he planned to do this as he put nothing in place to help run the business. He would have left a list of the things to do on his side of the business.”

PC Adam Milner told the court there was no suicide note left and that he was satisfied there was no third party involvement in Mr Moss’ death.

Describing the incident as an ‘enormous tragedy’, senior coroner for East Sussex Alan Craze returned a conclusion of suicide.

Addressing Tracey, he added: “This was incredibly unexpected – a massive shock. I hope in time that you can move on to some extent.”

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