Frustrated residents speak out about access road works in Pagham

The residents of a private estate in Pagham have spoken out about their frustrations with plans to build an access road through their estate into a neighbouring nine home development.

Residents of Spinnaker View, pictured right, are ‘pulling their hair out’ after plans to build an access road through their estate and onto a neighbouring nine home development were revealed.

The nine home development is being built behind The Ingelnook, a grade-2 listed hotel on Pagham Road. A narrow track to the south of the hotel was originally ear-marked for access, but planning officials said it might prove too dangerous.

The decision was successfully appealed, however, and a planning inspectorate investigation decided the original access would be safe. “The evidence before me shows the driveway currently operates without any significant safety concerns,” inspector H Miles declared.

Developers planning on building a new access road in Spinnaker View frustrates residents. Pic S Robards SR2112201 SUS-211220-145002001

Regardless, new plans for access via Spinnaker View have since been submitted to the council, and involve the relocation of three parking bays and the formation of a pedestrian access on the estate.

Residents, who are shareholders in a management company maintaining the estate, say their company has not received formal notice of the application.

Instead, they say notice has been mistakenly served to previous owners Crayfern Homes, which ceased ownership of the site in July this year.

They are also questioning the necessity of the new access, now the first road has been approved.

“Why should the residents of Spinnaker View have to take on more vehicles/traffic and no doubt more car parking when there isn’t enough space as it is?

“No real thought has been put into this planning application,” one resident said of the plans.

Spinnaker View residents also pay a yearly fee to help maintain the estate, and they worry that the increased footfall and traffic brought about by the proposed road could lead to an increase in costs.

“Vehicular access to the site via Spinnaker View would result in a complete loss of privacy on what is a private road,” one resident said.

“Not only this but access granted would result in increased wear and tear and subsequent increases in maintenance costs, which are paid yearly by the residents.”

“Our public road should not be considered for an overspill for a badly designed building plot and all parking, foot and vehicle traffic should remain within the original building plot outline,” another added.

“We brunt all costs for maintenance and these would increase with considerably more traffic.”

Developer Future Build Specialists has been approached for comment.

For more on the nine home development, search for the reference P/58/19/PL on the Arun District planning portal.