Funeral ‘completely ruined’ after ‘gunman’ incident in West Sussex

A woman whose mother’s funeral was ‘completely ruined’ after reports of a gunman sparked a manhunt in Chichester, has expressed her anger over the incident.

Jane Wells, 62, hoped that Friday, May 28, would be a peaceful one as she came together with family to wish her mother a final farewell.

Instead armed police ‘raced’ around Chichester in response to reports of a man being seen with a shotgun in the city.

Jane said she was not upset by the police response to the incident but with the situation as a whole.


Jane’s mother had died aged 95 after living with limb ischemia and dementia for a number of years.

A service was held at Chichester Crematorium but was ‘spoiled’, Jane said, by the sound of a National Police Air Service helicopter overhead throughout the service.

Further disappointment came as the funeral’s celebrant was caught in traffic due to the manhunt which led to the service being ‘rushed through’.

Jane expressed upset that ‘what should have been a tranquil day’ turned out somewhat differently.

“My mum was a quiet lady and a quiet person and the whole day ended up being a complete disturbance,” Jane said. “My anxiety levels on that day were beyond anything I have experienced and I don’t want to experience anything like that again at all. The grief that I have for my mother has turned into anger. I’m shaking now just thinking about it.

“It has had a big effect on my stress levels. The day was completely spoiled. I want to express how angry I am.”

Police have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that a 44-year-old man, arrested on the day, has been bailed on ‘strict conditions’.