Hastings Old Town pub hosts World Championship of 16th century game

The Loggets World Championship took place in the back garden of the Stag pub in Hastings Old Town on Sunday afternoon (August 15)

Hastings is believed to be the only place where the old English game still takes place.

Loggets, which was first recorded as being played in England in 1581, involves participants throwing pieces of wood at a stake in the ground.

The Hastings version, organised by local woman Judy Atkinson, involves tossing painted pieces of wood at a wooden figurine, known as the Tom. Two players per team pitch three loggets at the Tom to see who can come closest.

Hastings Logetts winners Keith and Heather Leech SUS-210816-124537001

The winners, by a narrow margin, were Keith and Heather Leech. Keith is chairman of the Old Town Carnival Committee, whileHeather is chairmman of Hastings Borough Bonfire Society.

Keith said: “The loggets are irregular in size and its is played on a piece of rough grass on a slope , so anything can happen.”

Judy Atkinson and Pete Davis were runners up.

Hastings Loggets competition SUS-210816-124548001