Hastings one of most popular seaside towns for staycations according to Google searches

New data has revealed that Hastings is the eighth most popular British seaside town with people searching online for staycations.

By Elliot Wright
Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 12:11 pm

Searches for ‘UK holiday’ are the highest they have been since travel restrictions were lifted according to Google trends data, with interest peaking in recent weeks following airport delays and flight cancellations.

Demand online is just six per cent short of the summer 2020 pandemic levels – when people were unable to holiday abroad due to the pandemic travel restrictions.

Hastings has benefited from this upsurge with the town being listed as the eighth most popular British seaside town.

Kevin Boorman, marketing and major projects manager for Hastings Borough Council, said: “Hastings has transformed itself over the past 20 years, both as a place to live and a place to visit.

"The ‘forced staycations’ of the past two years have meant that we’ve had many more domestic visitors, and there is evidence that some of those are choosing to return here again this year, we hope because they enjoyed it so much previously, although airport delays may be a factor too.”

Google searches for “UK holiday destinations” and “UK holidays” have increased 23 per cent from last year.

Data suggests that ‘staycations’ weren’t a lockdown fad and are here to stay, especially as UK air travel disruption continues.

Mr Boorman was not surprised to see Hastings included as one of the most popular seaside towns, and gave many reasons why he feels it has proved so appealing to domestic tourists.

He added: “Hastings has many attractions that are unique to the town, such as our historic Old Town with its medieval streets, boutique shopping experience and amazing beach-launched fishing fleet, the largest in Europe.

"We’ve got the first Norman-built castle in the country, two funicular railways, including the steepest in the UK, Smugglers Adventure, some fantastic attractions for families, the Source Park, the Pier, great bathing beaches and some superb green spaces too, including the wonderful Country Park. And a wide selection of shops in the town centre, more shops opening in Norman Road and Kings Road, and, of course, an incredible events programme, with something going on almost every weekend – and some amazing places to stay!

"If I didn’t live here I’d want to move here.”

The most popular seaside locations for UK holidays in 2022 according to Google search data are:

Blackpool - “Blackpool hotels” 60,500 Google searches a month

Brighton - “Brighton hotels” 49,500 Google searches a month

Llandudno - “Llandudno hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

Whitby - “Whitby hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

Bath - “Bath hotels” 22,200 Google searches a month

Weymouth - “Weymouth hotels” 14,800 Google searches a month

Tenby - “Tenby hotels” 12,100 Google searches a month

Hastings - “Hastings hotels” 9,900 Google searches a month

Lyme Regis - “Lyme Regis hotels” 6,600 Google searches a month

St Andrews - “St Andrews hotels” 6,600 Google searches a month

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