Hastings Pier amusements to hold quiet sessions for special needs children

The team who run the rides and amusement on Hastings Pier have said they will be holding Silent Sunday sessions.
Hastings Pier Rides SUS-200608-093300001Hastings Pier Rides SUS-200608-093300001
Hastings Pier Rides SUS-200608-093300001

Jolie Smith explained: “This is for all the special needs children who may struggle with the lights and sounds due to sensory issues.

“We understand that crowds, lights and sounds can be very traumatic for some children, so we are dedicating Sunday mornings from 10am - 12pm, solely for children with special needs.

“All rides will be £1 and bungees will be £2.

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“We are just trying to make the summer enjoyable for all the children.”

The move has attracted wide-spread support on social media, being described as “a wonderful initiative” and a “great idea”.

The Pier has enjoyed something of a renaissance since re-opening for the summer with hundreds of people turning out to listen to live music and DJ’s and new outlets including an artisan bread maker.

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