Hastings town centre pub serving up vegan feast at Oktoberfest celebration this weekend

The Prince Albert pub is holding an Oktoberfest this weekend from Friday October 2 - Sunday 4 with imported German beers and tasty vegan German food.

Albert Oktoberfest 1 SUS-200210-100752001
Albert Oktoberfest 1 SUS-200210-100752001

The pub, in Cornwallis Street, re-opened as a free house after a long period of being closed and has been going from strength to strength offering cask and craft beer from local breweries and a vegan menu.

Beers on offer include imported Paulaner Oktoberfest pilsner at 6 percent alcohol and Paulancer Salvator dark beer at 7.9 percent. Both are available in pints or traditional steins

For drivers or non-drinkers there is German Bitburger Drive - a tasty alcohol free pils.

Albert Oktoberfest 2 SUS-200210-100803001

A vegan platter offers Currywurst (a massive sausage with curry ketchup); sauerkraut, rosemary fries and a German pretzel.

To book a table visit the Prince Albert Facebook page The Prince Albert is at the Prince Albert Hastings.

Pictures by Fiona Batey