Hastings water supply issueHastings water supply issue
Hastings water supply issue

Hastings water supply latest: Water restored to all homes in Hastings

In a statement made this morning Southern Water says that all homes in St Leonards and Hastings are now back in supply six days after a burst pipe caused chaos.

A spokesperson said: “The reservoirs levels are continuing to improve, the network has recovered well, and we are no longer using tankers to help support network supply, however we are using them to help top up some our reservoirs.

“We’d like to apologise once again for the disruption this has caused and want to thank the community, our customers, our partners, and our people for all of their help over the past few days.

“As all residents now have mains supply, our bottled water stations have been closed and we will no longer be delivering bottled water to our Priority Services customers. Some customers may still experience fluctuations in water pressure whilst the network stabilises.

“Over the next few days, we will continue to concentrate our effort on ensuring all customers’ supplies are stabilised and keeping a close eye on the situation. We will then focus our attention on compensation. We have made the commitment to go beyond our regulatory and statutory obligations for businesses affected, on a goodwill basis, and will explore all options for residents. There is no need to contact us, we will update you on this as soon as possible.

“We're very sorry for the disruption this outage has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding throughout.”