Horsham readers share their top tips on how to keep your pets cool in a heatwave

It’s not just people who can overheat when the temperatures soar.

Our furry friends can also find it a bit much when the mercury creeps up and our readers have shared their best tips to keep pets comfortable while Horsham basks in the sun.

On the County Times Facebook page Lorna Harrocks said: “Frozen cat food for cats. You can get ice lolly makers, fill it with cat food and freeze!”

Phoebe Phillips added: “We have collected a fan today, for the rats, not for us! They also enjoy ‘Pea fishing’, which is frozen peas or berries or sweetcorn floated in a large, shallow dish of water for them to fish out. Its a great option for various small furries.”

Jo Lawrence's dog wearing his cool jacket

If your pet is a bit larger then Kathryn Krysenti said: “Pony loves apples and carrots frozen in water or apple juice! Not so keen on a hosing off but it does the job!”

Wendy Cole said her pet enjoys a nice cold shower in the hot weather and several people recommended cooling jackets and mats.