Horsham road condemned as 'an accident waiting to happen'

A slip road off the A24 at Horsham has been dubbed one of the worst in the area.

Drivers say that the road – at the A24 Highwood Mill junction with the A264 towards Broadbridge Heath – is badly designed and an accident waiting to happen.

Signs on the roadway urge drivers to use both lanes on the slip road but confusion is being caused by people in the left lane turning right at the junction roundabout – and drivers in the right lane not realising they have traffic on their left.

Many say they have been ‘cut up’ at the junction.

The A24 Horsham junction dubbed 'an accident waiting to happen'

Calls for action were first made in February last year soon after the junction was built.

But this week many have again taken to social media to voice their fears and frustration.

One woman said: “This has got to be one of the worst roundabouts in the area. I’ve nearly had my car hit several times.”

Another said: “I tend to always use the left lane and I can’t count on my hands how many times people have swerved into my lane.”

And a man added: “So many of these new road layouts in Horsham are either badly designed or have terrible signage – it’s as though someone that has never driven has worked on them.”

The drivers say that it is confusing with arrows on both lanes pointing straight on, despite there being a left turn to Highwood Mill and a straight-on lane to Southwater, with the Broadbridge Heath A264 junction on the right.

Another protester added: “It’s the stupid arrows in the lanes leading up to it that are causing problems. For some reason both lanes have straight on arrows which I think is to blame for most people messing it up.”

Another pointed out: “I know it’s right according to the road markings but it goes against what most of us were taught relative to the Highway Code. It’s a stupid idea and a recipe for accidents.”

A spokesperson for West Sussex County Council said last year that traffic surveys were to be carried out at the junction but there had been delays because of Covid.

The county council has again been approached for comment.