Hot temperatures spark new Sussex weather warning ... for cats

Sky-high temperatures across sunny Sussex have sparked a new weather warning ... for cats.

Experts say that pale-coloured pusses are at risk from getting sunburnt. And now owners are being urged to slap sunscreen on vulnerable pets, as well as themselves.

The warning comes from Cats Protection after one unlucky feline had to undergo drastic surgery when she spent too much time outdoors.

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White-coloured stray cat Kahlo had to have both of her ears removed when she was brought into Cats Protection’s national adoption centre at Chelwood Gate after giving birth to five kittens.

Kahlo had to have her ears removed after getting sunburnt SUS-200708-101753001

Centre manager Danielle Draper said: “Poor Kahlo had very badly damaged ears as a result of sunburn and has needed surgery to remove the damage.

“It means she’s been left with no ears, though her hearing shouldn’t be affected.

“White cats are particularly vulnerable to sunburn, but all cats should be kept safe from the sun during hot weather.

“Kahlo’s ears must have been very painful and we’re hoping she will now be able to lead a happier, healthier life.

“She’ll need a new owner who will be committed to keeping her indoors on hot days so she doesn’t have any further issues.”

She added: “The best way to protect your cat during the summer is to keep them indoors during the hottest part of the day, traditionally, between 10am and 3pm.

“If that’s not possible, then provide sources of shade in your garden using cat-friendly plants and allow accesst o a shed or outhouse if possible.

“Also, speak to your vet about an appropriate feline-friendly sunblock.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Cats Protection’s adoption centre in Chelwood Gate is closed to the public and cats are being rehomed using a hands-free initiative.

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