How well do you understand dog behaviour? Dogs Trust launches survey to see if you can tell a happy pooch from a worried one

Dogs Trust is urging everyone – even those who do not own dogs – to take part in its new survey to find out how people interpret different kinds of canine behaviour.

The Public Perceptions of Dog Behaviour & Emotion survey aims to give Dogs Trust a better understanding of the way people interpret different types of behaviour in dogs.

The survey, which launched today, takes around 20 minutes and uses video scenarios to gauge whether you can tell what sort of emotions the dog is expressing, whether it is happy or worried, for example.

Dr Lauren Samet, canine behaviour research officer at Dogs Trust, said: “Dog ownership has never been more popular than it is now, with many people seeing a dog as the perfect companion in lockdown and beyond.

Can you tell what this dog is thinking? Picture: Martin Phelps

“Latest figures suggest there are now around 12million dogs living in the UK, so the timing of this survey couldn’t be more important.

“Whether you have a four-legged-friend of your own or not, with dogs occupying such a big place in society it’s vital we all understand them as well as possible.

“Being able to spot when a dog is anxious, worried, or even frightened, so that we can respond to those emotions in the right way, means we can all live happier lives together.

“Whether you own a dog or not, your views are equally important to us.”

To take the survey, which is open for four weeks, follow this link: Public Perceptions of Dog Behaviour & Emotion