Independent restaurant closes down in Chichester

A 10-year-old independent restaurant has closed down in Chichester due to the 'continual decline on the foot flow on the high street'.

South Street's Real Burger Kitchen (RBK) has closed down
South Street's Real Burger Kitchen (RBK) has closed down

It has been revealed today (Monday, June 10), that Real Burger Kitchen (RBK) ceased trading at 5-6 South Street on Sunday.

In a statement, the restaurant's directors, Sussex Restaurant Company Limited, said: "We would like to thank all our loyal customers over the years who continual to support RBK and us as small independent restaurant.

"Nick Sutherland, Sam Bakose and Clyde Holliet directors, have all agreed to cease trading as the short/mid term economic outlook for the high street is thought bleak."

Sussex Restaurant Company director Mr Sutherland said the business enjoyed 'many successful years of trading', after being established in 2009.

He continued: "The high street of today is now a very different place and we are just another one of the many casualties which is very sad.

"The main cause of the business failure has been the continual decline on the foot flow on the high street, and the inability for making the restaurant viable in current trading conditions.

"Many catering business in the high street have been experiencing the same issues, raising costs and falling sales. There are currently scores of retails units in Chichester high street that are either empty or to let which is having a major impact on the visitors to the high street."

Mr Sutherland said 'everything possible' had been considered to 'try and salvage the business'.

He added: "The directors would like to thank the loyal staff who continued to work very hard over the last eight months to drive sales and delivery a great product. Trading losses was no longer sustainable.

"Directors have injected a large about of capital over the last eight months to support the cash-flow and will now become part of the small list of creditors."