‘It is disgusting’ : outrage at litter strewn on town paths in Newhaven

Meeching Roiad, Newhaven, Rubbish strewn across pavements
Meeching Roiad, Newhaven, Rubbish strewn across pavements

‘It’s disgusting. There will be rats before long.’

That’s the view of one resident who says she is outraged at the amount of litter which has built up outside her mum’s house in Meeching Road, Newhaven.

Sally Parsons, whose elderly mother, Helen Robinson, lives in the road, said the amount of litter scattered on the paths is disgusting.

She said the situation has been so bad in the past, her mum has had to clean it up herself.

“The road is disgusting. You have to tred in it to go in and out of the house,” she said.

“When the wind blows it blows along the road. It looks disgusting.

“My mum was forever out there cleaning it up but she can’t do that any more.

“My mum does not go out on her own, but she couldn’t even if she was able too, because it is dangerous and it is not right.

“We pay our rates and we shouldn’t have to clean it up.

“Even if they do come and clean, the cars park on both sides of the road now, so they can’t get to it.

“It is disgusting, there will be rats before long.”

A spokeswoman for Lewes District Council said: “Council staff regularly carry out litter picks of Meeching Road at the same frequency as other roads near Newhaven town centre.

“The council has received requests from residents who want the kerbside and road gulleys cleaned out, in addition to a general kerbside sweep.

“We are liaising with East Sussex County Council who carry out gulley clearances and arrange for the parked cars to be moved to enable this extra work to be done.

“We urge residents to try and contain all refuse awaiting collection within bins, as this will prevent rubbish blowing around during the gusty weather.”