The Snow Queen sprinkles her dastardly magic in Crawley

The Snow Queen tempting KaiThe Snow Queen tempting Kai
The Snow Queen tempting Kai
Last night’s performance (December 30th) of The Snow Queen at The Hawth Theatre was the final show of the tour and it didn’t disappoint.

The Snow Queen was produced and performed by the creative team at Parkwood Theatres and it was fitting that they chose The Snow Queen to finish off the year with.

The performance was filled with magic and folklore, which provided some light escapism in these dark times.

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The story was adapted from a Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, which tells the story of a girl called Gerda’s quest to reunite with her playmate Kai, who has been stolen by the maleficent Snow Queen.

Tapio played by Ethan TaylorTapio played by Ethan Taylor
Tapio played by Ethan Taylor
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There were a whole host of characters to enjoy from this performance of The Snow Queen. The crow puppet provided some comic relief and was a particular highlight of the night.

The production used actors from the Hawth’s in-house drama school, so it was nice to see some of our local talent being represented on stage.

The most impressive element of the production was the live music performances by the cast throughout the play.

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Kai trying to find fate in the snowflakesKai trying to find fate in the snowflakes
Kai trying to find fate in the snowflakes

The folk music that was being sung and performed by the main actors added to the magic of the play. The rendition of Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel really caught the audience’s imagination.

Another stand out element that is worth mentioning was the choreographed fight scene between the bandits, which used blunted daggers to great effect. It added to the Medieval feel to the play.

The production team made the most out of the studio space and props were utilized to great effect in this performance. It was impressive to see how quick set changes were, the creativity of the set and how the actors were efficient with their time off stage.

It is worth mentioning that there was an autism-friendly performance of The Snow Queen on the day, and there will be more like it in the future.

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The Snow Queen in her puppet formThe Snow Queen in her puppet form
The Snow Queen in her puppet form

This was another successful performance by the Parkwood Theatre team and I’m looking forward to the performance of Skellig in March.

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