Lewes schoolgirl raises funds for young refugees by selling artworks

A Lewes schoolgirl was so horrified by the treatment of refugees arriving in the UK that she decided to raise funds to support them by selling artwork.

Monday, 19th July 2021, 3:24 pm
Student Daisy McDonald

Daisy McDonald, a Year 9 pupil at Lewes Old Grammar School, raised £330 by asking local artists she knew and friends to create pieces of work which she then photographed and put on her website.

She sold the artworks and gave the proceeds to The Hummingbird Project, a Brighton-based grassroots organisation that works with young refugees and campaigns nationally for their rights.

Daisy said: “I love art and I wanted to turn something that brings joy to me into something that helps other people.

“I recently read a book about a young refugee and I felt so disgusted that some people reject other human beings, especially when they have already lost so much and have often risked their lives.

“I chose the Hummingbird Project because they are a Brighton-based charity that help young refugees and I am so pleased that the money I raised will allow the charity to support a young person for a year.”

Lewes Old Grammar School headteacher Robert Blewitt said: “We found out what Daisy was doing as she mentioned it when filling out her Duke of Edinburgh forms and we just could not be prouder of her.

“Lots of people read something which affects them and they resolve to help but how many actually fulfill that resolution?

“Daisy is an inspiration to us in that she shows that if we all acted on our best thoughts, the world would be a better place.”