Life-saving defibrillator installed at Fishersgate Park thanks to Shoreham Port

Shoreham Port has helped fund a new public defibrillator at Fishergate Park as part of a community appeal launched by the former chairman of Adur District Council.

The new defibrillator will be put in place outside the Shark Park Community Cafe
The new defibrillator will be put in place outside the Shark Park Community Cafe

The potentially life-saving device is now available 24/7 outside Shark Park Community Café in Fishersgate Park.

It comes after the former chairman of Adur District Council, councillor Joss Loader, launched a district-wide appeal for publicly available defibrillators.

A spokesman for Shoreham Port said it was ' committed to making the land surrounding the Port as safe as possible'.

Councillor Joss Loader said: "As last year's Chairman of Adur District Council, I launched a community appeal with the intention of installing publicly-accessible defibrillators across every town and village in Adur, in memory of my late father.

"I was absolutely delighted when Shoreham Port offered to match-fund an AED in Fishersgate along with the Sussex Heart Charity.

"My very sincere thanks to everybody at Shoreham Port for making this possible - it's a great example of local businesses and organisations working to support their local communities."

Terry Ayres, Chief Executive Officer at Sussex Heart Charity said: “The Sussex Heart Charity are very proud to have been working in conjunction with Councillor Joss Loader and Shoreham Port in enabling this AED to be placed at the Shark Park recreation ground providing this lifesaving equipment for the local residents.”

Emily Kenneally, Communications Manager at Shoreham Port said: “We are delighted to be able to increase our commitment to the safety and care of the local community, which, with over 90 per cent of our workforce trained in First Aid, remains at the heart of all that we do at Shoreham Port.

"We also hope that by making a contribution we will encourage other businesses to support nearby causes and to invest in the future of their local area.”

There are also currently seven AEDs installed across Shoreham Port, placed strategically across the area to ensure that they are accessible during an emergency, with two further devices due to be installed in business units in the autumn of this year.

AEDs are small, portable and easy to operate lifesaving medical devices which are designed to deliver an electric shock to a person who is having a sudden cardiac arrest medical emergency.

For the best chance of survival, an AED should be used within the first three to five minutes after collapse.

The newly fitted AED is linked to an external power supply and stored in a secure cabinet that is accessible by dialling 999 and requesting the unique access code along with the dispatch of an ambulance.