‘Living in Lockdown’ display at Seaford Museum captures insights from young people

A new display on show in Seaford shows how children responded to the lockdown imposed in 2020.

Visitors at the exhibition
Visitors at the exhibition

The exhibition at Seaford Museum in the Martellow Tower on the seafront, which is titled Living in Lockdown includes ‘brilliantly frank and insightful comments’ from more than 50 youngsters aged 10 to 16.

It paints a fascinating picture of young people’s reaction to being away from school, friends, activities and in some cases family as well.

Examples of the comments include: “My Mum also had a go at cutting my hair but it didn’t go as planned!”

Exploring the exhibition

“I am proud of how well I’ve coped with lockdown and put up with my teenage brother’s mood swings.”

The project was conceived by Liz Hunter, Education officer for Seaford Museum, last year and produced this year by Penny Lower and others.

Jane Keel, Chairman of Seaford Museum and Heritage Society, said: “It’s a wonderful snapshot of how the lives of Seaford’s young people have been affected by lockdown.

“It’s honest and amusing, but we think it also a valuable mass observation record of an extraordinary episode in their lives.”

Exploring the exhibition

With transcripts of all the responses collected and audio presentation as well, the display will be on show in the Martello Tower until the autumn.

The Museum is open on Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer, as well as every Saturday and Sunday.